Beginning again

It’s never easy to jump back into the waters of blogging.  For starters, life has undoubtedly changed a lot since the last time you put fingers to keyboard.  The way people discuss topics, enjoin conversation (or avoid it), the explosion of micro-blogging, the … the …

Let’s face it: life has moved on and you’re still wondering why you decided to do this all over again.

This is precisely the challenge facing me.  I’ve watched business acquaintances, colleagues, friends, neighbors, you name it, move into the great sphere of opinions-bordering-on-facts and I have to wonder, what’s it worth? We have Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, FaceCrook, Tumblr, etc.  and yet, strangely,  there’s this nagging thought in the back of my mind that says “perhaps there’s more to be said and even more that I need to listen to.” I’m frightfully full of opinions; this much is certain and oftentimes, I’m needing to be called to account for the words that escape my lips (or in this case, my keyboard).  But still, there is something that compels me to rejoin these conversations, re-start a once-burning fire of knowledge, and hopefully, amongst all the other bits and pieces of life, technology, and art, find my niche.

I can promise you that there will be nothing sacred; I will not hold back.  This isn’t a democratic republic of David-isms; in my own bubble, I am a benevolent dictator.  I will be WRONG in many things, RIGHT in some things, and TEACHABLE above all else.  You can call me to account (respectfully) or you can try to start a fire.  Either way, I will listen, I will try to understand and learn.  However, I certainly can and will shut down hate, vitriol, violence, and any speech I deem orthogonal to my mission in life.

With that under our belts, shall we begin anew?

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